Mira Ratkaj founded Bloom in order to fulfill her passion for developing the next generation of female leaders.

She remembers well graduating from B school in the late 80s with high aspirations to be a trailblazer but it wasn’t long before she was banging her head on the glass ceiling. There were few coaches or mentors available, and she learned the hard way. “If I only knew then what I know now”, Mira says.

After a successful ten years in financial and strategic management with Fortune 500 companies, Mira took a leap and established her own consultancy. With the risk came the rewards, and she quickly became known as a strong team builder and great coach – leading, developing and motivating teams through workplace change was what she did best. Throughout these years, she became increasingly aware that young women continued to struggle in navigating a complex and political corporate world, had few mentorship opportunities, and therefore were limited in options for advancement. Through bloom, Mira provides common sense tactics and strategies, and inspires women to be the best that they can be – in both their personal and professional lives.

Mira sets an example by consistently raising her own bar. She lives her life passionately and thrives on pushing boundaries and exploring possibilities. It is this enthusiasm and optimism that she brings to her coaching sessions.

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