From Conference Call to Curtain Call – Transforming your Day Look to Night

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It’s summer, and wouldn’t we all rather be sipping cocktails on a patio in the sun, than be hunched over computers in our cubies under florescent lighting? Well, when 5 o’clock hits you know exactly where you’re heading! But if you work downtown and don’t live downtown, you don’t necessarily have time to be running back home to change out of your work clothes. The tips below can be used individually or cocktail together (pun intended). Here are the 6 vital accessories you can keep at your desk that will amp up your look from business pro to dazzling socialite.

1. Give the Blazer a Break

Once the sun goes down, summer evenings can still be left with a chill in the air. But if you have to wear a blazer or suit jacket to work, leave it behind. Swap it out for a funky leather jacket. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cool moto jacket, or a tailored peplum, a touch of leather will help edge up your look while giving you a little extra coverage for sipping cocktails under the stars.

2. Bold Lipstick

Nothing sparks up an outfit like a pop of colour. A touch of red, hot pink, lavender or plum will not only attract attention to your face, but it will make anything you’re wearing more fun and playful. We’ve all got a lipstick sitting round was purchased cuz we loved it but have yet to wear. The time is now! Be bold – give it a try. Night time might just be the perfect time to test drive that colour because in the dark it will naturally be less vibrant.

3. Accent Bag

Please ladies, no big hand bags for a night out on the town! You work hard and you deserve to have fun. Part of going out and socializing is about blowing off some steam after a long day at the office, and it’s hard to do that when you’re toting around (pun intended) your work life in your bag. Keep a clutch at your desk in case of last minute plans. It’s enough to carry around the necessities, while giving you the freedom to have fun. A great brand is Mighty Purse. This company makes a fabulous collection of clutches, cross bodys and wristlets made of quality leather. Each one of their bags has a built in phone charger making this accessory perfect for the working woman. And besides, the seat beside you should be saved for your BFF not your massive bag!

4. Spice it up with Jewellery

Sometimes a watch just ain’t cutting in. Try upgrading the watch for a statement piece like a cuff bracelet. Or if you’re used to putting your hair up for work, keep the top knot bun but add a pair of statement earrings. It will give the look more substance, while attracting attention to your face. Keep a few statement jewelry pieces tucked away in your desk drawer at work, and pull them out when last minute plans for that night out pop up.

5. Smoke it out

Ever looking for an excuse to try out a smokey eye or do that highlight trick you saw in a makeup tutorial? Now is your chance. Doesn’t matter if it’s for work or travel, I always take my Urban Decay Naked pallet with me. It’s full of neutral tones that work with every skin tone. With this pallet you can do anything from going to a wedding, job interview, date night, or dinner with girlfriends. Just by adding a softer, darker shade to the crease of your eye, you can create a dressier and fun look. I always recommend this pallet because it is perfect for any makeup skill level.

6. Fun Shoes

Now when I say a fun shoe, I don’t necessarily mean just a pair of heels. I mean FUN! Keep a pair of shoes at your desk that make you feel happy. Make it something fun and exciting. This could be a pop of colour or a trendy sneaker, or a whimsical flat. The possibilities are endless, but what’s most important is that when you put them on, you have flipped the switch from work to play. Not only will this completely contrast your work attire, but I guarantee that you’ll have women remembering who you are.


Six easy pieces to stash in the desk drawer or cubicle that will transform your day look to evening look immediately. Enjoy the summer ladies!